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Naturipe Celebrates Fair Trade Farmers

Naturipe® is celebrating our Fair Trade certified family farms and all the great things farmers do!

How We Grow

Cultivating with Care

At Naturipe®, sustainability is incorporated into every decision we make. It is a priority in all aspects of our company and farming operations across the globe.

Unique to the fresh produce industry, Naturipe is a partnership between four highly-esteemed fresh berry growers: Hortifruit S.A., Michigan Blueberry Growers, Naturipe Berry Growers and Munger Farms.

Our Family of Farmers

Healthy Eating

With berries that burst with this much sweet flavor, it’s easy to include more good-for-you fresh produce in your family´s diet. Both adults and kids love fresh berries and they’re a perfect pick for serving in quick and easy recipes, or as on-the-go snacks.