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What We Grow

Naturipe's® family of growers have been dedicated to growing premium quality fruit the “Naturipe Way” since 1917. We work primarily with multi-generation family farms located in prime growing regions throughout North and South America. The diverse grower base and focus on innovation ensures year-round availability of “domestically grown” and “in-season global” conventional and organic berries and avocados.


Naturipe growers have been growing blueberries for generations on their farms. These families take tremendous pride in what they do and it shows. Blueberries are one of the few truly blue foods on earth, but they don’t start that way. They first appear white, turn red and finally blue, making them an All-American berry.

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Delicious, beautiful, and good for you–what could be better than a Naturipe strawberry? Our growers take great pride in creating a berry that bursts with flavor and is available year-round for your enjoyment. A favorite fruit for many, strawberries make a tasty addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks!

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Naturipe blackberries are simply scrumptious. These beautiful berries are dotingly nurtured and picked at the peak of perfection. Only the most perfect blackberries are plucked from the bush and presented as Naturipe’s own—our berry growers wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sweetly delicate and radiant in color, Naturipe raspberries are a favorite for all ages. Our family of berry farmers takes extreme care in cultivating raspberries, bringing them to the peak of ripeness and perfection for your table.

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Fresh, satisfying and subtly delicious, Naturipe avocados are perfect for any dish. Whether sliced, diced, or used as a base for creamy guacamole, nothing is quite as delightful as a perfectly ripe avocado. Naturipe’s own are cultivate with care and delivered to you at the peak of perfection.

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Glossy red, tart and tangy, Naturipe cranberries lend a flavor that brightens dishes both savory and sweet. Our family of growers take pride in growing the highest quality fresh cranberries available. A native North American fruit, Naturipe’s cranberries are a must on the family table, as well as home décor, during fall and winter holidays.

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USDA Organic

Naturipe® is proud to offer a full line of organically grown berries. In fact, when it comes to organic blueberries, we are the largest producer in the world.

Our organic farms throughout North and South America are independently certified as having met rigorous USDA National Organic Program regulations, demonstrating our commitment to organic growing principles of biodiversity, ecological balance, sustainability, natural plant fertilization, natural pest management, and soil integrity.

To find our certified organic products at your local grocer, look for our bright green labels emblazoned with the well-earned USDA Organic seal.

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USDA Organic