Growing Gratitude: John “Jack” Farren

June 21, 2019

Growing American Blueberries

In Memory of John “Jack” Farren

The New Jersey blueberry farming family of Paul and Beth (Farren) Macrie honor her late father, Jack Farren, for his service in the United States Air Force.

Jack served from 1952-1956 and was proud to work at the Pentagon, where he was assigned to The Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. He was commended upon discharge for his “devotion and untiring efforts”, by the Chief Officer, a letter he kept for all to see. Jack came home from service to marry his high school sweetheart, Rita. Jack’s son-in-law, Paul, farms with his brothers Mike and Nick, and each of their sons, on a farm in Hammonton started more than 60 years ago by their own father.

(John “Jack” Farren and his future wife, Rita, in 1953)