Growing Gratitude: Allison Acres

April 20, 2019

Growing American Blueberries for Generations

Meet the family of Allison Acres

John H. Allison III and his wife, Marene, grow blueberries in Pinetta, Florida, with their son, John H. Allison IV. This family farm has strong roots in both agriculture and military service. All three have served in the US Army.

Marene was part of the first class of women at West Point. She started her career in 1976 as a Cadet in the US Army Military Police. From cadet, she moved on to Military Police Captain and served a total of 10 years.


(Marene Allison)

Allison III served in the US Army Military Police for 13 years. He started in 1972 in West Germany and through the years was stationed in various locations, including the Sierra Army Nuclear Weapons Depot in California, First Cavalry Division in Texas, and the US Army Military Police School in Fort McClellan, Alabama.


(Marene and John H. Allison III)


Following in his parents’ footsteps, Allison IV joined the US Army in 2006 and served for 10 years. He attended Army ROTC at George Washington University and was part of the US Army Aviation Center of Excellence. Allison IV finished his service as an Aviation Captain.

(Marene, John H. Allison IV, and John H. Allison III)


In addition to the family members, the Allison Acres Assistant Manager, Ryan Simmons, also served in the US Army. Simmons served in the 2nd Infantry Division for three years.

(Ryan Simmons)

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