Healthy Habits

Balanced Diet and Exercise Promote Healthy Living

To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to have a balance of exercise and good diet. Eating more fruit and veggies can help you lose pounds and maintain your optimum weight, especially when combined with physical activity. Fresh produce, including berries, are natural convenience foods – delicious and easy to eat!

Healthy Lifestyle for Your Kids and Family

Did you know that regular physical activity could help kids develop strong bones and reduce their chances of disease later in life? Exercise may help adults to achieve a healthy weight, reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Get your family involved in a regular exercise plan that you can all enjoy together. Be sure to include good-for-you fresh produce in your family´s diet. Kids love fresh berries and it´s easy to include them in quick and easy recipes, or as on-the-go snacks.

Feel Younger

40 is the new 30! Exercise and eating superfoods are so important to feeling younger because berries can help prevent diseases, and also promote good health and contribute to overall well-being. Nutrients and antioxidants may also help maintain healthy hearts, vision and memory function as well as reduce blood pressure and improve urinary tract function. Incorporate a good exercise plan and plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet to help you look good, feel good and stay young longer!

Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles

Scientists and medical experts remind us that maintaining a good balance of diet and exercise will complement a healthy lifestyle. Berries are a delicious contribution to a healthy diet. These colorful fruits are considered superfoods that promote disease prevention. For news and information about nutrition and healthy living to get your kids on the right track and keep your family well, read on!

A Healthy Diet Helps Prevent Diseases

Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential to maintaining good health and longevity. Many fruits and vegetables are disease fighting foods full of nutrients and antioxidants, which may protect your cells from free radicals that can damage them and cause chronic diseases. Scientific studies have shown that substances in different types of berries may help prevent cancer, heart disease and types of birth defects, short term memory loss and other chronic illnesses.

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