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Guest Post: SugarHero | Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake

May 16, 2014

Hello folks! I’m Elizabeth from SugarHero, and I’m so happy to be here talking about one of my culinary obsessions—raspberries. If you’re following the Naturipe Very Berry Month of May Pinterest board (and I hope you are!) you might have noticed that I have a slight raspberry problem. I like other berries, but I looove raspberries, and I can’t resist putting them in every dessert imaginable.

Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake


It’s not my fault. Raspberries are so versatile, with the perfect juicy texture and ideal blend of sweet and tart flavors, that I have no choice but to dip them in chocolate, blend them into white chocolate drinks, pair them with melted brie in buttery puff pastries, and turn them into a fluffy mousse layer cake. (Please send help. And more raspberries!)

No matter how they’re prepared, raspberries give any dessert a light, fresh taste. Even the richest flourless chocolate cake is brightened by the addition of a few raspberries on top, and the heaviest cheesecake can be balanced by a drizzle of raspberry puree.

Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake


Since we are celebrating the Very Berry Month of May, I wanted to make a dessert that fit the season—something bright and celebratory for these cheerful spring days. This Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake is decadent enough for dessert, but light enough to belong on the brunch table. It’s made of a fluffy almond chiffon cake, wrapped around chocolate whipped cream, sliced almonds, and juicy fresh raspberries. The chocolate and almond elements really help the fresh raspberry flavor to pop, and each bite is a perfect blend of soft cake, rich cream, and juicy, tangy berries.

Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake2


The cake construction may look complicated, but I promise it’s much easier than you think! I’ve provided a step-by-step photo tutorial to help guide you through the process, so before you know it, you can be enjoying this cake for dessert tonight! So stock up on Naturipe raspberries, then stop by SugarHero for the full the Raspberry Almond Spiral Cake recipe and many more pictures!

Finally, I have to say a big thank you to Naturipe, for giving me the chance to indulge my raspberry mania once again and for producing such beautiful berries. I am smitten.