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Guest Post: Spoonful of Flavor | Strawberry Margarita Recipe

May 7, 2014

Hi everyone! I’m Ashley from Spoonful of Flavor and I am very excited to help Naturipe Farms kick off the Very Berry Month of May. What better way to start the celebration than with a Strawberry Margarita? Freshly squeezed juice and plenty of fresh strawberries creates the perfect drink to sip while enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Strawberries are not only my favorite berry. They are my absolute favorite food. Packed with nutrients, strawberries are low in calories, high in fiber and bursting with disease fighting antioxidants. They work well in both sweet and savory dishes and are perfect for the entire family. Incorporating strawberries into every meal is an easy way to boost your immunity and get the vitamins that you need to maintain a healthy life.

I love using Naturipe berries because they are always fresh, flavorful and incredibly berrylicious! Naturipe berries are available year round, so the possibilities are endless. Start the day with a Triple Berry Salad, enjoy a Strawberry, Mango and Avocado Quinoa Salad for lunch and then spend the evening relaxing outdoors with Strawberry Bruschetta and a Strawberry Margarita. With organic varieties also available, Naturipe berries are a great way to add something colorful and nutritious to every meal.  Everything is better with berries!

A classic margarita is brought to a whole new level with the addition of ripe and flavorful strawberries. The strawberries add a naturally sweet flavor and beautiful color to a juicy margarita. The lemon and orange juice helps elevate the flavors of the berries even more to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Now go make a margarita and join us as we celebrate the Very Berry Month of May! Go HERE to find the Strawberry Margarita recipe.

Special thanks to Naturipe Farms for giving me the opportunity to develop a recipe and share this recipe with you!

Strawberry Margaritas


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  • And join us on May 21st at 4:00 PM EST for our first ever twitter party, Spoonful of Flavor will be one of our co-hosts for a berrylicious discussion.