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A classic treat with a twist | Chocolate Covered Berries… on a Stick!

August 18, 2014

Stand out from the crowed with chocolate covered berries on a stick! Easy to make and even easier to clean up


Chocolate covered berries are a classic dessert, they contain just two simple ingredients (Chocolate and Berries) that make it quick and easy to whip-up! All ages can enjoy these sweet bites for any occasion from holiday celebrations to backyard barbecues, the possibilities are endless. We decided to take this classic dessert and add a few twists with sprinkles and skewers!

Chocolate covered berries

Chocolate covered berries

We began our culinary adventure by washing and prepping the berries for the skewers. For our blueberries, we choose to stack them ontop of each other since one blueberry isn’t enough! The strawberries on the other hand were a different story. Since they were WAY bigger than the blues, we decided to cut them in smaller bite sizes pieces which made them easier to dipped.

Next came the chocolate… we decided to use Dolci Frutta Dipping Chocolate from Saco Foods (one of the easiest and tastiest way to make chocolate covered berries). We then grabbed our skewers and started dipping


As soon as the berries were covered in chocolate, we grabbed the sprinkles! And as we all know… sprinkles make EVERYTHING better. They add a dash of fun, making your dessert party approved! No need to measure your sprinkles, add as much as you please or just enough for a little pop of color or texture.

Chocolate covered berries



The end result was deliciously sweet and because of the skewers our hands weren’t covered in chocolate! This is easy way too served chocolate dipped berries to your friends and family and not have to worry about chocolate fingers, especially with kids!

Chocolate covered berries

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