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Berries on the brain – Hamilton Spectator

Hamilton SpectatorBerries on the brainHamilton SpectatorBlueberries are one of the most potent foods in terms of protecting the brain, according to Martha Clare Morris, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Ber…

Berry Bulletin

4 Nutrition Rules to Combat Running-Induced Hunger

4 Nutrition Rules to Combat Running-Induced Hunger
Marnie Soman Schwartz

As the nutrition editor at Shape, I’m constantly looking for the best, most up-to-date info on healthy eating and pre- and post-workout fuel. But even though I have the most recent studies and knowledgeable experts at my fingertips, I found myself struggling with how to adapt my meals and snacks as my weekly training mileage started creeping up.

Translation: I was experiencing runner’s hunger, a.k.a. “runger.” The day after a long run, I’d be ravenous. And mid-morning on a day I’d logged five miles before work, my stomach would be growling and I’d get super cranky. So I called up sports nutritionist Lauren Antonucci, R.D.N., the owner of Nutrition Energy and nutrition consultant for New York Road Runners, who helped me make a few tweaks to my meals and snacks.

Eat More Protein
When it comes to squashing that running-induced hunger, Antonucci stressed the importance of protein—and not just immediately after a workout. I’m working on eating protein-rich foods three or four times a day—which basically means at every meal and snack. Some of my favorites: ricotta or cottage cheese with berries for breakfast, tofu in my salads at lunch, and eggs instead of pasta for a quick weeknight dinner.

Eat Something Post-Run—and Quickly
“After a really hard or long workout, I’d make it my business to have a recovery drink immediately, or stop on my way home for a smoothie,” says Antonucci. I used to come home, stretch out, take a shower, and relax…and wait to get hungry before eating something. (Weirdly enough, my appetite is a little suppressed right after a tough workout.) Once I started getting some nutrition in right away, I felt a lot better the afternoon and day after my long runs. (Fueling up is one of the 3 Things You Need to Do Immediately After a Workout.)

Take In Water and Carbs On Longer Runs
This one I’m still working on. I hate carrying a water bottle, and I usually just chug water before and after a run unless I happen to pass by a water fountain. I know it’s bad for me, but I haven’t really figured out a solution. As for bringing a gel or other snack…I wear Invisalign, which makes this really tricky. I can’t eat with them in, and I’m not supposed to drink anything sugary with them in either. So zero for two on this tip.

Think Outside of Protein and Carbs
Yes, runners need carbs for fuel. And yes, protein helps squash the runger. But Antonucci also stressed the importance of good fats to reduce my injury risk and keep me full. And fruits and vegetables are important too. Their antioxidants help with recovery—making my favorite spinach, blueberry, and almond butter smoothie an ideal post-run drink. (Or try these 5 Great Packaged Post-Workout Snacks.)

Berry Bulletin

5-Ingredient Almond Cake with Fresh Berries

5-Ingredient Almond Cake with Fresh Berries
This simple almond cake is made with just five ingredients (not counting the berries), but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you – it’s delicious (and it also happens to be gluten-free)!

5-Ingredient Almond Cake with Fresh Berries

When my family gets together for holidays, birthdays, or just because, everyone chips in and brings a dish. It’s usually a given that my cousin Nina who blogs over at Ambrosia Baking will bring dessert. My aunt recently had to stop eating gluten, so lately the desserts have been gluten-free. The last family party we had, Nina brought this cake and I loved it. I started poking around asking her questions about the ingredients, and when I realized it was fairly light, made with no oil or butter I got busy in my kitchen testing it out. The original recipe comes from baking goddess Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, Baking Chez Moi. If you’re a baker, this book belongs in your kitchen!

The only changes I made to her original recipe was cutting back the sugar and using less egg yolks. The results were fabulous, and this cake is amazing. It stays moist for days!

Click Here To See The Full Recipe…

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Easy Raspberry Iced Tea

“I stir 1/4 cup of raspberry juice into each tall glass of iced tea,” reports Faye B. of Alexandria, Virginia. “We love that refreshing beverage.”

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Baked Blueberry-Mascarpone French Toast

When I want something special to serve my guests for a Saturday or Sunday brunch, I turn to this recipe. It never fails. It’s wonderful during the spring and early summer because the blueberries are particularly good this time of year.—Patricia C…

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May 1 is National Chocolate Parfait Day

Here are today’s five things to know about Parfait Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than green tea and just as many as blueberries. White chocolate really isn’t chocolate. It’s made from cocoa butter, the substance you get by pressing cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is absent of the cocoa solids used to make chocolate. Chocolate was consumed by the ancient Aztecs as a frothy beverage, somewhat like hot chocolate we drink today. Chocolate comes from a plant, called Theobroma cacao, which translates “Food of the Gods”. Eating chocolate can also reduce the symptoms of stress. Today’s Pinterest Board : Foodimentary Today’s Food History 1683 Supposedly, a patent for a system of extracting salt from sea water was granted in England. 1841 The first wagon train left Independence,…

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Superfoods: Antioxidant-Rich Berries Beyond Blueberries

Blueberries are hopefully already on your list of superfoods to include in your diet. Here are five lesser-known berries that pack the same nutritious punch.

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How to Buy, Store, and Cook Strawberries, In Season in Late May-Early July

Strawberries are in season in late May through early July. Here’s how to buy, store, and cook with them.

The post How to Buy, Store, and Cook Strawberries, In Season in Late May-Early July appeared first on Bon Appétit.

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The Dessert You Need Right Now: Strawberry-Basil Shortcakes

It’s here: spring! Which means two things: 1. Our farmers’ markets are finally filled with gorgeous fruits and vegetables, and 2. It’s not yet too hot to turn on our ovens. So, the time to bake is now! To prove it, Senior Food Editor Alison Roman headed to the test kitchen to make one of… View Article

The post The Dessert You Need Right Now: Strawberry-Basil Shortcakes appeared first on Bon Appétit.

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Healthy Smoothie Jar

I posted this baby on instagram the other day so I thought I’d let you know how to make it. Super simple…Ingredients1 kiwi1 cup frozen mixed berries {I get the bag from Trader Joe’s}5 fresh strawberries2 tbsp. chia seeds1/2 tsp. vanilla extract3 drop…