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Brandon’s Alaska Adventure, Part 6

March 4, 2013

Today’s email will be short and sweet. Shirley and I made it to McGrath after a very long, frustrating series of events. We were very worried that we wouldn’t make it, but our prayers were answered and the kindness of others prevailed.

Brandon made it to the Nikolai checkpoint (mile 300, just 50 more togo!) at 12:30pm today and stayed for just 3 hours. He is out there on the trail heading this way and we can’t wait to see him. He had a message sent to us that he is expecting to finish tomorrow by 2:00pm, and so we will go to the finish line early to hang out and wait.My next email will be to inform you all that he finished!!! Thank you all for your prayers and love!


Love & Gratitude,

Marilyn Lott