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4 Ways to Boost Your Antioxidant Intake with Healthy Berries

July 17, 2013

Check out these 4 Healthy Berries that can help aid in your antioxidant intake…


One of nature’s most potent  antioxidants—anthocyanins—give  these berries their purple-blue color. They’ve been shown to help fight  age-related declines in memory and cognition, plus they help keep arteries  clear. They’re also delicious—plain, in a crisp, or in these ultra-healthy waffles. This recipe calls for frozen  berries, but now that blueberries are in season, you can sub in fresh berries,  which will be sweeter and more tender.


 A cup of blackberries covers half your  manganese needs, a mineral that is critical for healthy bones, acts as an  antioxidant, and has a hand in producing brain chemicals. Like blueberries, they  also contain anthocyanins, as well as a number of other phytonutrients. Try them  in this recipe, which proves that yes, dessert can be  healthy.


With 8 grams of fiber and just 65 calories per  cup, you’d be hard-pressed to find another fruit offering quite the fiber bang  for the calories. They’re also rich in ellagic acid, which has been shown to  protect against a variety of cancers. Pair them with soymilk for a high-calcium, power  drink.


 Not only do these berries douse you with 120  percent of the daily value for vitamin C per cup, but they also contain many of  the same phytonutrients as the berries above. Combine strawberries with other  vitamin-C- and phytonutrient-rich foods, like these Chocolate  Chip Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries, and you can skip your vitamin  tablet for the day!

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